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When Art Questions Reality

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Have you ever observed cycles of creation in nature? Nature doesn’t keep creating incessantly like a factory. There is a period of quiet, there is a period of agitation, the re is a period of invisible forces playing their roles and then there is a period when everything blossoms. I believe that the process of creation of art follows this cycle as well. But then, who is the creator and who is the creation here?

As an artist, I have always wondered if I am a channel for art to manifest or if it is the other way round and this is a question that cannot be answered. Of course, unanswered questions fuel more art and this is a delightfully vicious cycle by itself. After my solo exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery, I took some time off last month and went on a vacation to Gili Island, Bali. It became the perfect ground for reflective thoughts to take the reins in my head and this note is a reflection of my experiences. As I lay on the beach, closed my eyes and took in everything around me, the external and the internal merged. The sound of waves, the bickering of crickets, the ghungroo’s rhythm from the horse carts, the gentle rustle of the leaves, every little sound felt like a part of me. It felt like a part of my own world inside. I could see art within me and I could see that it was already a masterpiece. All I have to do now is to bring a physical form to this. The experience left me inspired and intrigued.

When is art really created?

Is it created the moment I feel something spectacular in my mind?

Or, is it created only when I express that feeing on a canvas?

Is reality restricted to physical forms? What do you think?

Thoughts of the Artist ~ written by Shravya Indukuri

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