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Mindful Decluttering & the Golden Spiral

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

There is an undeniable relationship between our inner and outer worlds. Transformations, realizations, growth and entire journeys reflect as much outside us as they do within us. So, this Diwali when I decided to declutter my studio space, it was barely just the physical space that I was organizing. The sorting of my outer world ended up setting in motion a symmetrical shift in my inner world as well and what ensued was a physical, emotional and spiritual re-alignment of sorts that left me lighter with a healthier appetite and space for growth!

In the process of a mindful clean-up, some of the most important subjects of interest at my studio ended up being artwork from my past. As much as it was nostalgia, it also reflected the journey of evolution that I have gone through as an artist, as a person and as a spiritual being. As an artist, the perfection of techniques, usage of tools and the aesthetic appeal remained my focus earlier. Today, I have a more conversational approach with my art. I see myself in a space where my art doesn’t necessarily have to be about something. It can be about nothing. From perfecting lines to breaking them, from following rules to transcending them, from form to abstract, I feel that art has taken its own journey through me and has reached new depths to within me. The abstract expression has become something that speaks to me and something that I speak to in complete honesty.

This is by no means the final destination though, there can be none. The process of learning, art and life itself seems to emulate a golden spiral of evolution where you get closer to the absolute truth of you with each circle. This spiral inextricably links all the aspects of a person’s journey. I see my own personal journey through my art wherein I had validation at the heart of my pursuit earlier, which has evolved into a pursuit of freedom. And, the evolution continues. I am likely to circle back to this very state in the future with new understandings and this continuum is probably the most beautiful aspect of evolution. Interestingly, when I step onto a higher spiritual realm, it not just liberates me but also presents the possibility, through my work, to those who view and behold my art!

On my own physical level, the last month has been a period of going through a detox as symptoms of strain surfaced. Call it co-incidence or natural balance, but this cycle of sorting and decluttering at all levels has done a world of good as I look forward to the start of a new year. It is an integral part of growth and I couldn’t put it in better words than this quote that my dear friend narrated to me:

“When a flower arranger arranges flowers he not only arranges the flowers but also his own mind and mind of the person who looks at the flowers”

So, when did you last do a mindful declutter? What did you learn? I invite you to ponder.

Thoughts of the Artist ~ written by Shravya Indukuri

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