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Echoes of the Earth

Sound is an enigma.
Directly piercing beautifully into your soul and spirit,

while the ear pretends to be the only receiving entity.

Sound is an enigma.
Connecting you, little by little, to the soil of peace in

this place that keeps sweeping you off your feet.

Sound is an enigma.

It lures you in with humility before revealing to you its many symphonies,
leaving behind a strain of the music forever in your heart.

This collection is named Echoes of Earth and the paintings depict Abhigna’s experience of the sounds that surround us like a cocoon of melody.

Every experience that we go through is rooted in one of the five elements and the artist feels the reverberation of the echoes around her in the element of Earth. 
The chirping birds that welcome her into her studio, the crashing waves at a beach, the chatter of crickets after dark, every little sound brings within her

the warmth of Earth itself and every little sound paints a masterpiece within her.

Through this collection, she presents theseexperiences on canvas for the world to experience.


AAF Milan, 2020

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