Intrigue is a seed that plants artists. When pure intrigue leads the way and the artist’s heart, mind and soul follow the trail in all honesty, a slippery glimpse of the ultimate comes into experience. Personally, this exploration that transcends me into a realm of sanctitude is perhaps art liberating me.
The object of such intrigue is often art itself and I, the artist, become the pursuit. The pursuit this time was of a fundamental building block of our world - colour. And hence, I become colour. 

Colours look like they hide nothing, yet the unseen is as much part of colour as is the seen. They seem to
relate to the human spirit with ease, yet they have depths that leave human capabilities wanting.
Colours are tangential to our senses and following the tangent implies letting go of our very selves. 
We could be children of colour, concoctions of light, opacity, texture, translucence and luminescence. Yet, we are but a small part of it.

Through this collection, I have viewed colour as an experience that transcends beyond known definitions with silence as a conversational medium. I let colours strip my conditioning down to a point where there is liberation from the fear of that which cannot be interpreted in a language I know.

The process behind this collection was one of freedom and acceptance.
Colours and I, in a naked moment of truth, faced each other. And, I became. I invite you to experience the
stark beauty of colour in each of the paintings. There is no search, there are no conversations, every painting is meant to be freedom from the rational, the finite.
This collection is space to just be in the presence of a dimension that we call colour and to let it hold you.

The Dance of the Elements
Between Heaven & Earth
Art during Lockdown
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