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To me, art is a portal into the subtleties of the universe. Each experience of creating art feels like a face-to-face conversation with the unknown yet very real forces that make this world what it is. I am a voracious seeker, always giving in to my curiosity about things around and within me. And, the chaos in my mind is the price that I willingly pay because it is this questioning mind that propels me towards my journey as a mixed media artist.

My art is the point of convergence for my internal and external journeys. Creation of art stills the chaos in my mind and allows me to revel in the light of what simply is, and therefore I would call art as self-exploration and not self-expression. I am a mere instrument of creation and what I create is a crystallisation of life itself searching for meaning through me.

Working with resin on wood allows me to bring out the layers and complexities of my explorations. Resin’s translucent property and the layering lends a mystical touch and offers an immersive experience to the audience as they see not just the art, but also a fleeting reflection of themselves in the art piece. As I work on the many elaborate layers of detailing, I can feel layers of my own self peeling away. It culminates in an indefinable illumination that drenches me. The art is complete, and in this moment this completeness consumes me as well.

I experience freedom through art and every single piece of art I create frees me a little more, letting me know life more intimately.

Although the art I create is abstract, its life is as real as my own.


Bachelors in Visual Arts (BVA) - Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath 

Adv. Diploma in Art & Design - Srishti School of Art Design & Technology 


Past Exhibitions:

  1. Affordable Art Fair - 2020, Super Studio, Milan

  2. Vernssage - 2020, Group Show, DLF Emporio, Delhi

  3. Nostalgia - 2019, Group Show - Gallerie Nvya, Delhi

  4. Dance of the Elements - 2019, Solo Show - Jehangir Art Gallery 2019

  5. Transcend - 2019, Group Show - Lexicon Art Gallery, New Delhi

  6. World Art Dubai - 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

  7. India Art Festival - 2019 Nehru Centre, Mumbai

  8. India Art Festival - 2018, Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi

  9. Mumbai Art Fair - 2018, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

  10. Design Public 2 - 2012, National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore

  11. Social Practice : An Entry - 2011, 1 Shanti Road, Bangalore

  12. Chitra Santhe - 2009-10, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore

  13. Chitra Santhe - 2007-08, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore

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