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The Cause of Creation. What is it for you?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Being an artist is a continuous journey of letting yourself be consumed by creative energy. Thoughts, ideas, questions… there are different forms of this energy that art could use to lead you to itself and off-late I find myself consumed by a quest. My innate curiosity about the origin of creation and my constant search for the beginning of art converge as boundaries between art and myself blur. And, driven by the hope to experience entirely new dimensions of art, I follow the trail of this question – what triggers creation?

Questions about the cause of creation are always a part of my conversations, within myself as well as with my canvas. A sense of wonder sweeps over me when I set out on this path. It becomes imperative for me to give in to the process, for I know that any part of me that I hold onto will block that much of the truth when I look within. I have come to realize that the more that I let go of the external, the more truth my art embodies.

As this art takes shape, I become the cause of it as much as it becomes the cause of a new dimension within me. Beyond methods, tools and the process, each line, layer and stroke of colour on the canvas brings alive unfathomable worlds. And, I gradually become more of a medium for the art to manifest through. The way I see the world, the bits and pieces of my truth appear on the canvas.

This has often made me wonder if the cause of art, comes from the artist’s responsibility to express the unknown that only she can see, to tell the world her vision in all honesty. The artist is also the viewer and from this perspective, art begins when one first experiences it. Perception becomes a point when art begins to live and the perceiver ceases to exist!And, when the viewer sees devoid of any expectations, I believe, art makes its full impact.

On the whole, the pursuit of the cause could look different from different perspectives yet the journey is always beautiful. It instigates amazing questions, elicits magnificent experiences and sometimes just brings the peace of nothingness alive. I take this journey further every time that creation speaks through me and inspires my art. I believe that the beginning of art, might just take us to the beginning of the universe itself and this is a journey that I intend to take you on with my work as well.

So, what have been your experiences of viewing art and engaging with it? What have been the most intriguing questions that it has left you with? I invite you to contemplate.

Thoughts of the Artist ~ written by Shravya Indukuri


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