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The creative process of art is as complex as it is simple. Sometimes, you are just a channel and magic keeps manifesting itself through you while you watch yourself create. At other times, there is just a lull. Between these two extremes, there is a range of processes that takes place within an artist. Today, I want to talk about the lull. A lull so terrifying that it almost disrupts the very core of your being.

My grandmother passed away recently and she was very dear to me. Although I knew the extent of her health issues before and she was 93 years old when she passed away, nothing could prepare me for the earthly end of this beautiful relationship between us. On the work front, after the solo exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, I was consolidating my thoughts that had been inspired by my trip to Bali. My next collection was beginning to just take shape in my head when this personal loss happened. All of a sudden, I was staring at a creative block.I was consumed by thoughts of whether I will ever be able to work again. Every block is like that. You never know if you will ever get past it. You never know if things will be the same ever again. It is terrifying. Your feet tremble when you try to take the next step. I tried to work and everything I created looked like death, it emanated emotions that I simply was not ready to explore yet. I was struggling with my creative process when one day, as I lay in my studio, I came across something that J.Krishnamurthi had said. It was about how just listening to life in the truest sense is the most liberating experience and that thought resonated with me.I stopped trying so hard to push myself and I looked within. Many days I spent time just staring at my own work. Letting the effort go and just accepting what I was going thorough was beautiful by itself, the solitude helped. I listened to more and more of what was happening in my head. Slowly, what started as a mere practice session to replicate my own work became a creative process and art started flowing onto the canvas again. All those inspiring sounds from Bali rang in my head again. And steadily, the block began to become smaller. A big part of being an artist is to let the art happen to you. The process of art becomes the life of artists. As I work towards overcoming my block, I must say I am enjoying every bit of the entire process.

Blocks, creative or otherwise, are a part of life. Scary, but imminent. Sometimes, just being still and experiencing it without any resistance can help the block pass without any friction and make it all a wonderful experience, isn’t it?

  • Abhigna Kedia

Have you ever observed cycles of creation in nature? Nature doesn’t keep creating incessantly like a factory. There is a period of quiet, there is a period of agitation, the re is a period of invisible forces playing their roles and then there is a period when everything blossoms. I believe that the process of creation of art follows this cycle as well. But then, who is the creator and who is the creation here?

As an artist, I have always wondered if I am a channel for art to manifest or if it is the other way round and this is a question that cannot be answered. Of course, unanswered questions fuel more art and this is a delightfully vicious cycle by itself. After my solo exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery, I took some time off last month and went on a vacation to Gili Island, Bali. It became the perfect ground for reflective thoughts to take the reins in my head and this note is a reflection of my experiences. As I lay on the beach, closed my eyes and took in everything around me, the external and the internal merged. The sound of waves, the bickering of crickets, the ghungroo’s rhythm from the horse carts, the gentle rustle of the leaves, every little sound felt like a part of me. It felt like a part of my own world inside. I could see art within me and I could see that it was already a masterpiece. All I have to do now is to bring a physical form to this. The experience left me inspired and intrigued.

When is art really created?

Is it created the moment I feel something spectacular in my mind?

Or, is it created only when I express that feeing on a canvas?

Is reality restricted to physical forms? What do you think?

September has been a delightfully exhausting month. Truly, as an artist, it is the most satisfying thing to invest all my energies into art and this month was the perfect setting for me. A solo exhibition at the Jehangir Art Gallery was a dream-come-true and I couldn’t be happier for the immense love that I have received. Thank you for always embracing my work with open arms and supporting my journey. The collection – The Dance of The Elements has a lot of personal attachment for me. I worked relentlessly to bring out different points in the spectrum of my emotions while exploring the intersection of the elements of nature and our own inner universe. The chosen medium of mixed media with resin on wood beautifully communicates with that very universe.  

Although I have worked with a challenging medium, its partial reflections and nuanced flow have connected with art-lovers and become a part of their own life. More so in the case of ‘I see you’ which was sold at the exhibition. This was a piece so close to my heart and I was filled with pride to see the piece go away with a buyer on its own journey.It is overwhelming when artworks get sold. The artwork almost becomes your child when you pour life into it with all your heart and it carries that love forward everywhere it goes. The sale was one of the most-cherished highlights of the exhibition apart from the amazing conversations and interactions.

This got me thinking about what art does to people and how it impacts. Just like you never know where a dream begins, you do not know where the impact of art begins, you only see the end. I feel that an individual’s life experience an

d though processes put him/her on a journey for art to impact the person. The question of what you are finds solace in art as it catalyses the discovery of an answer, your answer, and brings stillness to the turbulent water within. With that thought I enter creation mode again and hope to see you soon at the next exhibition.

I see You

36" Dia


The pristine blue sky gave away nothing of the secret it held inside. From its quiet strength it inhaled a deep breath of resolve as a storm brewed right under its nose. Hearts suddenly found new strength and hands found energy. In its entire kingdom that lay beneath its watchful eye, no one suspected the right source. When the storm did pass by, they had all made it. As they bowed to the invisible protector from their imagination, this visible protector sent some more love.

 © Abhigna Kedia | Artist | Abstract Art

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